Training for Your Staff/Organization


Would you like for CMM to provide Conflict Management, Team-Building, Advanced Mediation Skills, or Basic Mediation training to your staff, organization, or agency? Contact Erricka Bridgeford, Director of Training, at, to discuss how CMM can meet your training needs.


Goals of All CMM Training


  • Build and foster a strong community to support learning.
  • Inspire trainees to commit to lifelong learning and improvement in conflict resolution.
  • Provide an opportunity for trainees to explore their own attitudes about conflict and learn how those attitudes and assumptions may impact their effectiveness in their own and others’ conflicts.
  • Introduce and explore conflict theory, including various approaches to conflict resolution.
  • Provide trainees with an opportunity to understand how diversity is embraced and built upon through gaining and using listening skills.
  • Provide an opportunity for trainees to understand their own biases and teach skills which will assist them to keep their biases from affecting their ability to be heard and to listen in conflict.
  • Heighten trainees' awareness of adversarial language and teach alternative collaborative language.
  • Teach skills which allow trainees to create understanding.
  • Teach skills which enable trainees to hear the underlying feelings, topics, and values behind positions presented by themselves and others they may be assisting in conflict.
  • Teach techniques to create understanding out of chaos.
  • Provide an opportunity for trainees to practice all skills.
  • Provide feedback to trainees on their skill development.
  • Create realistic role-plays which prepare trainees to handle every day conflicts.