Community Mediation Maryland's Mentorship Program


Hey Community Mediators! In accordance with MPME standards, CMM is excited to offer its Mentorship Program for Community Mediation Centers.


The purposes of this program are:


  • To improve the quality of mediation services provided to the public by community mediation centers in Maryland.
  • To support centers in their mission to develop and maintain high quality volunteer mediators.
  •  To expand opportunities for experienced mediators to broaden their skill base by being trained and serving as mentors.
  • To provide newly trained mediators with a comprehensive learning process during the transition from training to practical experience.
  •  To provide opportunities for volunteers to experience a variety of cases, including mediations at other centers
  •  To give Community Mediators an MPME accepted mentorship program that meets the needs of Community Mediation Centers


Overview of the process:


  • There will be an application and interview process for both mentor and learning partner applicants.
  •  The CMM Training Committee will select and train 4-6 mentors and 4-6 people to be mentored (learning partners). The Training Committee will match each mentor with a learning partner.
  •  Learning Partners will be asked to sign a contract that they will complete their volunteer requirements at their home center and volunteer 10 hours to support quality assurance efforts at CMM in the year following their mentorship.
  • Mentors will attend a training that will include discussing an incremental learning process, brainstorming neutrality, giving & receiving feedback, etc. Some training may be done in conjunction with the Mediator Excellence Council Mentorship Committee.
  • Mentors and Learning Partners will complete a three hour training together to support and facilitate their discussions with each other. At the end of this training, they will have established their goals and expectations of each other and they will write a contract together. CMM will keep a copy of these contracts.
  • Learning Partners will observe one or two mediations (at the discretion of the mentor) conducted by mentor and mediate at least 4 mediations with mentor. 


 Minimum requirements for Mentors:

  • CMM Basic Training
  • At least 40 hours of mediation experience
  • At least 10 community mediations (in addition to any Day of Trial experience)
  •  Ability to travel throughout Maryland
  • Already a member or willingness to become a member of MPME
  • Willingness to work with a learning partner to schedule mediations
  • Willingness to mediate with other community mediation programs
  • Open to attend the mentor/learning partner trainings

Also considered:

  • Experience in teaching, training, or mentoring role
  • Ability to articulate how and why mediation strategies are used


Qualification consideration for Learning Partners:

  • CMM Basic Training
  • At least two mediations in the CMM model
  • Willingness to mediate with other community mediation programs
  • Already a member or willingness to become a member of MPME
  • Willingness to work with a mentor to schedule mediations
  •  Ability to travel
  • Open to attend mentor/learning partner trainings