Mediation at Your Local Center

Mediation at Community Mediation Centers

  •  Is provided at no charge or on a sliding scale. No one is turned away for inability to pay.
  • Gives people a chance to speak, to be heard, and to hear each other.
  •  Provides an opportunity for people to understand each other and transform their relationship.
  •  Ensures that participants make their own decisions about the   outcome of their conflict.
  •  Assists people to develop long-term solutions that meet the needs of everyone involved.
  • Occurs at a time and place convenient to the participants.
  • Is facilitated by highly trained volunteers who represent the diversity of the community they serve.

What Types of Disputes Can I Bring to Mediation?

  • Neighborhood disputes (such as noise, property, animals, and lifestyle differences) 
  • Inter-Personal disputes (including assaults, harassment, love triangles, and strained friendships
  • Employment disputes (such as co-worker disputes and supervisor/employee conflicts)
  • Business disputes (including business/neighbor and business/customer)
  • Family disputes (including couples, custody, siblings, cross-generational, and parent-teen conflicts)
  • Landlord-tenant disputes
  • Roommate/housemate disputes
  • School disputes (such as those among students and/or between parents, staff, and administration
  • Neighborhood association disputes
  • Land use disputes

Refferal Form
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